Anjou Vélo Vintage

Saumur, From 22th to 24th June 2018
8km from campsite

Enthusiasts of pedal-powered two-wheelers and those nostalgic forolden times have the opportunity to cycle the roads of Saumur and its region…

Bike’s Day

Saumur, Sunday June 10th
8km from campsite

The roads along both banks of the Loire between Angers and Montsoreau are closed off for bikes and rollerblades on this warm and friendly family day out.

Saumur’s Grandes Tablées

Saumur, wednesday 1st and thursday 2nd 2018
8km from campsite

In the heart of Saumur, treat yourself to the pleasures of all the senses at two huge evenings of music, street theatre, local produce and, above all, the wine of Saumur-Champigny<[/et_pb_text]

[Visit Saumur Grandes Tablées website]

Le Carrousel de Saumur

Saumur, 20th and 21st of July 2017
8km from campsite

The Carrousel of Saumur this is not simply a hundred year old event, it’s also an institution. Marking the end of Officer Training in the Cavalry School, the 3rd weekend of July.

Books and Wines’ Days

Saumur, 16th and 17th of June 2018
8km from campsite

23rd edition
As a homageto the actor Jean Carmet the festival is a marriage of two great French traditions : wine and literature.

The Grand-Prix retro

Le puy Notre Dame, the 21st and 22nd of jully 2018
À 30km du camping

Festival of giants and masks

Saumur, from 29th of june to 1st of jully 2018
À 8km du camping

Three days of entertainment and party await you, come many!

Les Heures Musicales de Cunault

15km from campsite

Classic music concerts in abbaye

Le Printemps des Écuyers of Saumur’s Cadre Noir

Saumur, 27th, 28th and 29th of April 2018
10 km from campsite

Two unique equestrian traditions gathered for that unique show : the famous Cadre Noir and the horses of Camargue


Saumur, From the 1st to the 9th of September 2018
8 km from campsite

Wine, taste and good humor ! 9 days of events on the subject of wine : wine market, winemakers’ dinner, walks etc…

Rose’s Days

Doué la Fontaine, From 13 to 16 of July 2018
25km from campsite

Set in the arenas are the rose exhibiions and international floral art competitions.

Jazzbulles Festival

Saumur, no dates for 2018 yet
10km from campsite

Enjoy Jazz and sparkling wine in the Jazzbulles festival in the Gratien & Meyer caves ! Come to entertain yourself listening to Jazz with a glass of Saumur Brut in your hand.