Historical monuments

Saumur Castle

8km from campsite
Fortress during the 13th century under the minority of Saint Louis then residence of the dukes of Anjou, the castle of Saumur overhangs majestically the Loire River.

Brézé Castle

20km from campsite
A castle under a castle, eleven centuries of History.

Fontevraud Abbey

25km from campsite
Fontevraud Abbey is a religious building hosting a cultural centre since 1975, the Centre Culturel de l’Ouest, in the village of Fontevraud-l’Abbaye, near Chinon, in Anjou, France. It was founded by the itinerant reforming preacher Robert of Arbrissel, who had just created a new order, the Order of Fontevrault. The first permanent structures were built between 1110 and 1119.

Perrières troglodyte Cathedrals

25km from campsite
Be prepared for a few surprises from some of the the greatest and most original undergrounds of the region dug in falun.

Brissac Castle

29km from campsite
The highest Château de France in the heart of a 70 hectares park.

Château de Montreuil-Bellay

25km from campsite
650 meters of ramparts and 13 defence towers delimit the perimeter of this extraordinary medieval fortress, built in 1025. From this period the moats, ramparts and exceptional kitchens with their central fireplace are preserved. The gatehouse, the collegiate, the house of the canons and the new chateau, built on magnificent vaulted cellars, were all added to the elegant fortress in the 15th century.